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We work with indie brands, start-ups and established brands that want to develop new products and keep ownership of their formulations, with the freedom of manufacturing the products wherever they like.
We specialize in custom formulations, meaning that we work with you to come up with unique products that are tailored to your needs.

We know that your vision, the thought of that special product, is what excites you. The truth is, bringing a vision to life can be stressful. We’ve been there! We know custom R&D of cosmetic formulations sometimes feels like just another thing on your plate. It’s one more thing to worry about: will it look right? How will it feel? Will it work? It shouldn’t have to be that way.

That’s why our goal is simple: we want to help other brands bring their visions to life without all the stress, so they can focus on bringing their products to market and making customers happy.

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Step 1. We first discuss your idea, the target market, how you want the product to look, feel and perform. We also discuss details like packaging and budget.

Step 2. With this information, we start researching and sourcing ingredients for your custom project.

Step 3. After this stage we develop the samples and that’s when you have fun evaluating them!

Step 4. If necessary, we use your feedback to fine tune the formulation.

Step 5. When we have a sample you are happy with, we deliver you the final formulation, and write the list of ingredients according to regulations.